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District News
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October Board Meeting Recognition

At the October Board of Education meeting, the Board recognized Bonnie Blevens for receiving a PERFECT score on her Ohio State Test in Social Studies last spring. The Arrow Ensemble received certificates and performed for the audience. They were selected to perform at the Ohio Music Educators Association Conference in February. The members are as follows:

Lizzie Meadors

Reece Smith

Brody Lynch

Daulton Mitchell

Zack Miller

Eleanor Tousignaut

Garrett Campbell

Jolene Bendel

Dariann Willoughby

Natalie Young

Samantha Lambert

Jadyn Schneider

Bethany Deaton

Dylan Campbell

Sofia Leeth

Rebecca Frieszell

Boone Brandenburg

Grady Hutchinson

Kayla Chappell

*We will recognize Kali Kleinschmidt and Luke Clevenger at the November meeting for their perfect OST scores in Mathematics.

Preble Shawnee Named First Priority District for OFCC Funds
There has been some confusion over the term "lapsed district." Each district that tries for new construction has 13 months to pass. If the district does not pass within that timeframe, they are designated as a "lapsed district." Lapsed districts must then pass their portion FIRST and then the state will kick in their share. The letter below is from the OFCC and announces that Preble Shawnee is now a FIRST PRIORITY district. This means when the commission meets to consider funding for new projects, we will be at the TOP of the list before all other districts. The OFCC is funded through our state budget which is a two year budget. We are in the first of two years...meaning, the funding is there for the next round. Every lapsed district (local example was Carlisle in May) has received funding after they passed their portion. Glenn Rowell from the OFCC even stated at our Work Session in June that he sees no scenario in which the state would not continue to fund the OFCC projects, long after we accept our money. 

Please click here for the letter explaining our FIRST PRIORITY status!
Important Upcoming Dates

October 18th 
End of First Quarter
October 24th
Parent Teacher Conferences
 Camden/West Elkton 3:30-6:30p
Jr/Sr High School 2:25-5:00p
October 25th
Title I Parent Meeting 10:00a at Camden Primary
October 26th
Parent Teacher Conferences
Camden/West Elkton 3:30-7:30p
Jr/Sr High School 2:25-6:15p
November 7th
Teacher In-service Day-No School
November 9th
Board of Education Meeting 6:00p

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