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School Health News
The School Health Newsletter has information about a variety of health topics for Preble Shawnee students and families:  Medications, Asthma Management, Immunization Updates, Vision and Hearing Screening Timeline, Special School Diet, Student Illness, as well as Bed Bugs and Headlice. 

  •  Summary and Forms 
Sections 3701.13 and 3313.671 of the Ohio Revised Code addresses required vaccinations for child care and school attendance.  The following charts offer a quick summary: School Immunization Summary 2016 and 2015 Immunization Summary for Child Care, Head Start, and Pre-School Attendance
If you have specific questions about your child's vaccinations, please contact the school nurse. 
To document objection to immunizations, please use the Immunization Exemption Form
  • 7th Grade Tdap and, *NEW*  for 2016/ 2017, Meningitis Vaccine
Immunization requirements for school age children changed in 2010 to include a Tdap booster for students entering the 7th grade.  Proof of vaccination must be on file in the school office at the start of school in the fall. 
Beginning in the fall of 2016, students entering the 7th grade are also required to have a meningitis vaccination.  Proof of immunization must be on file in the school office at the start of school in the fall.  
Parents of 6th graders are encouraged to get the update during regular healthcare provider checkups this year.  Please provide an updated copy of the child's shot record to the school. 
  • *NEW* 2016/ 2017 School Year, Meningitis Shot for 12th Grade
Beginning in the fall of 2016, students entering their senior year are required to have meningitis vaccination.  Students who receive the shot AFTER their 16th birthday, need a single dose.  Those immunized with one dose BEFORE their 16th birthday, will need a second dose. 
  •  Preble County General Health District Immunization Clinic 
 Preble County Public Health is a reliable resource to provide information regarding immunizations as well as provide vaccinations at a free or reduced charge.  Please check the provided link for details.   
Hearing and Vision Testing

ODH Guidelines and Forms 

Each year, in accordance with Ohio Department of Health Guidelines and Ohio Revised Code 3313.69, students participate in vision and hearing testing.  Vision screening is completed for grades PS, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.  Hearing screening is completed for grades PS, K, 1, 3, 5, and 9. 
Annual screening will be completed in October and November.  Additional testing is completed throughout the school year for new students as they enter the district.  Parents and teachers may also request testing throughout the year for students who appear to be having difficulty with vision and hearing. 
Please contact the school nurse for questions or concerns about your child's vision and/or hearing and for more information about our school screening.  For additional information, visit Requirements for hearing and vision screening in Ohio's schools .
If you have received a referral for follow-up screening for your child and need a physician follow-up form, they are provided below.
On-Site Dental Care

Mobile Dentist is an on-site portable dental program that provides dental care to our students during regular school hours.  Students who have permission to participate receive dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, and more.

Mobile Dentists accepts most private insurance, including Medicaid, and grants are available for families in need.  No one is ever turned away due to inability to pay.
Mobile Dentists will visit Camden Primary School on August 31, 2016 and West Elkton Intermediate on August 30, 2016.  
More information and permission forms will be sent home the first week of school in August 2016. 
Additional dental visits are scheduled for the spring of 2017:  April 28, 2017 for Camden Primary and April 27, 2017 for West Elkton.   
General Bed Bug Information
Please be aware that, while bed bugs do not live in our buildings, we find them at varied frequency.
Sometimes bed bugs are identified in connection with a specific person and those families are notified.  Other times, a random bug is found and there is no connection to any individual.  
It is important that parents and staff members recognize, that like all other schools and public places, the risk is always present.  Please take precautions everyday to prevent bed bugs from "hitchhiking" to your home.
Click on the following link for a more detailed handout:  More Information About Bed Bugs

 ~Health Services~

Lori Cottingim, RN, MS, LSN
District School Nurse
937-452-1204,  ext. 4 
West Elkton Intermediate
8:05am - 3:30pm
Camden Primary 
Tuesday - Thursday
8:05am - 3:30pm
High School
7:05am -  2:30pm
Cindy Bates, RN
West Elkton Clinic Nurse
937-787-4102,  ext. 4
Tuesday - Friday
9:00am - 3:30pm
Katy Smith, LPN
High School Clinic Nurse
937-787-3541, ext. 2012 
High School
Monday - Thursday
7:00am -2:30pm
Camden Primary
9:00am - 3:30pm
 Erica Million, RN
 Camden Primary Clinic Nurse
937-452-1204, ext. 4 
            9:00am - 3:30pm  
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