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2017 Preble Shawnee FFA at Ohio FFA Convention by Megan Roell
2017 Preble Shawnee FFA at Ohio FFA Convention


By:  Megan Roell


Date:  May 4, 2017


On May 4, 22 of our members traveled to Columbus where our chapter and chapter members earned several awards. We got to watch are very own Jonathan Cottongim serve as the Ohio State Sentinel.

While attending the Convention and Expo the first and second sessions are when the chapter was recognized for charitable contributions and Michael B seconded a recess. The members also got to walk around the career expo center.

Our secretary (Jasmine M), treasurer(Carley A), and reporter (Natalie C) all received Gold ratings for their officer books! Jasmine M and Jessica C also proudly represented our chapter by playing in the state FFA band!

Michael B, Leslie B, Lesley C, Natalie C, and Jasmine M received their State FFA Degrees. These 5 members have worked hard the past 3 to 4 years to get the opportunity to walk across the stage. Great work PSFFA members and a huge thank you to their families that came to support them.

On our journey to State FFA Convention We toured Ohio State University's Food Science program and The Ohio Stadium.



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